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Office File Scanning

Scanning Office Files

When most people think of scanning office file documents, they envision a storage room such as pictured at the left. Converting massive amounts of typical files has always been the mainstay of our outsourcing document conversion services.

The following steps outline how to get started with your office files and document scanning project:

  • Estimate the volume of work. Until you have a rough estimate of the number of images to be converted, projecting cost and turnaround can’t be done.
  • Scope the project by calling us at 973-685-5164. We’ll ask about basic considerations such as where the document imaging services will be done, how the information will be indexed, if electronic images (not physical files) can be sent offshore for lower-cost processing, etc.
  • Obtain a ballpark cost to determine if the project can be funded.
  • Send us sample files that we will scan and return to you as digital images in the required format.
  • Review the samples and, if necessary, ask for modifications.
  • Obtain a formal proposal.

In addition to costs, our proposal for office files and document scanning services will include a number of important elements such as turnaround time, access to documents in-process, quality assurance, delivery media, progress reporting, and more.

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