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Document Imaging Outsourcing

Document Imaging at Your Location or Ours

With document imaging outsourcing from microMEDIA Imaging Systems, we supply all personnel, equipment and software and can offer you outsourcing either at your location or at our facility. Our professionals will aid you in the design of the most cost-effective and high-quality imaging services.

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Outsourcing Document Management

Focus your valuable personnel into more strategic areas. Outsourcing of functions that are not mission-critical allows employees to be redirected toward your core business needs rather than support activities.  This is particularly true for document imaging management outsourcing, where specific technical and operational competency usually differ from other business needs.Operational details are assumed by the professional document management staff at microMEDIA.  Management time need no longer be consumed in controlling personnel, maintaining equipment and meeting document imaging and conversion target dates. With microMEDIA document management outsourcing, we provide a single point-of-contact responsible for proficient execution of the tasks.

Since document imaging is our “front room”, we invariably can do electronic conversions at lower cost  than our clients. Space is saved, resulting in more area available for personnel.

In one case, a records room was imaged and the space used for more than twelve employees’ modular offices. In another, hallways were cleared of boxes and cabinets that could have limited escape in case of a fire.

In all cases, document imaging outsourcing will save your business money!

Consider these “non-financial” benefits

  • Improved Quality – It’s axiomatic that customers will demand a higher quality imaging services that are purchased than from work they do themselves.  Our methods track both production rates and quality.  Our employees build their career paths on meeting high standards of quality and efficiency.
  • Added Flexibility – microMEDIA can quickly respond to peak loads by adding equipment and personnel from our large staff.  Similarly, slack times are accommodated through reassignment of technicians.  Since we charge on a per unit basis, costs always reflect the actual workload.
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