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Imaging Systems

We partner and support on wide range of Document Management Systems

The majority of our projects have been to provide formatted input to Enterprise Imaging Systems including:

  • Documentum
  • IBM – FileNet
  • Oracle
  • ImageNow
  • Open Text
  • OnBase

Departmental Approaches to Digital Records Management

We have assisted departments with inexpensive software approaches and have been a partner for multi-vendor projects.

Much of our past work has been installing straighforward Alchemy records management software for specific applications. Recently, we have been extracting Alchemy database information (images and index data) for migration to Enterprise Imaging Systems.

We now focus on FileMaker, a product originally developed by Apple for the Macintosh, but now widely used in Windows configurations. We’ve found that groups with a very limited number of users are impressed with the robust search capabilities at very low cost.

For clients that don’t want to invest in and maintain software and additional hardware, we offer FileMaker databases in the cloud.

Another innovate approach is to maintain all files in Adobe PDF format with words recognized for full-text searching. Numerous PDF files can be cataloged together to allow searching through thousands of files to locate those that contain the search term. The Adobe Catalog capability allows clients to use their existing Adobe Reader or Acrobat software with no additional expense.

Note: Documentum, FileNet, IBM Content Manager, Open Text, OnBase, Interwoven, Alchemy, FileMaker, Apple, Adobe, ImageNow and PDF are all registerd trademarks.