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Forms Processing / Scanning Services – microMEDIA

Forms come in many shapes, sizes, colors and number of pages. We haven’t seen them all, but have processed a very wide variety over the years. Forms Processing Scanning differs from Document Imaging since forms have a consistent format that contains information which can be extracted and computer-processed.

forms processing

Data Field Objects in Forms Processing Scanning

Forms processing can recognize a check marks, filled in bubble on surveys and test, numeric values, phrase, sentences or even a paragraph of text. Having a higher-level understanding of such phrases or sentences is important in guiding and checking the recognition processes and their results.

Data that needs to be captured is usually arranged into fields. A data field contains one or more pieces of information that might be expressed in different ways. For example, a date field containing “March 21, 1997” could be written in any of the following styles: 3/21/97; 3-21-97; 03-21-97; 3-21-1997; 3.21.97; Mar. 21, 97; March 21, 1997 and others.

Machine Print in Forms Processing Imaging

Machine-print text is much easier to recognize than handwriting, primarily because of its regularity. Each time a letter appears, it appears the exact same way throughout the text. Isolating words or characters from the given text can be done reliably from a few heuristic rules, and variations among different fonts are very limited.

Structured Hand Printing in Forms Processing Scanning

Besides machine-print, microMEDIA can read isolated hand printed numerals and letters using Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). This capability allows capture of characters hand-written in pre-designed boxes, eliminating difficult word or character isolation problems.

Correction Procedures in Forms Processing

Extremely accurate forms processing imaging is accomplished by comprehensive validation and correction procedures using customized pre-defined criteria stored within our data capture programs. Additional quality control steps are done by microMEDIA trained technicians.

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