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Engineering Document Scanning Services

Engineering Document Scanning

Our conversion services for engineering drawings include a wide range of engineering scanning services and supporting document conversion services.  These include detailed indexing of Title Block data with the creation of meta-data to meet customer needs.

And like any document scanning or document conversion project, wide-format imaging  conversion can be done on-site at your location or we can provide these services at your facility. Your choice

Engineering Document Scanning & Management

  • Permits / Applications
  • Building Drawings / Blueprints / Mylars
  • Electrical / HVAC / Plumbing / Architectural
  • Maps
  • Parts Drawings / Schematics
  • CAD Conversions
  • Project Files

engineering document conversion

We scan in Black & White, Grayscale or Color, depending upon the the characteristics of the physical items.  Sheets up to 42″ wide X any length can be processed in one pass.  Sheets wider than 42″ are processed in sections and electronically stitched together to recreate the original.

If you have a digital database, we can export an extract that will be used to correlate and link the database information with the image of the document.

Engineering documents that have been recorded to Aperture Cards have recently become an important document conversion application and are covered on the Aperture Card Scanning page.

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