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Digital Document Imaging Services

Digitizing Documents

Digital Document Imaging, scanning and conversion services have our hallmark of microMEDIA dating back to 1987.

We provide comprehensive support to digitize paper documents and convert records including preparation, scanning, indexing and formatting. Scanning and document imaging involves a complex combination of skills:  speed and manual dexterity, meticulous attention to detail, cleanliness and document controls.

We have focused our resources toward on-site document management and conversion services, with an average of four to six concurrent projects typically underway. Our imaging services home page provides an overview of the many services provided by microMEDIA. We produce digital documents from:

  • Paper Scanning
  • Book Scanning
  • Engineering DocumentsDigital Document Imaging Services
  • Bound Reports
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Aperture Cards
  • 35mm. Slides
  • 70mm. Slides
  • Transparencies
  • Legacy Systems Migration
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
  • Adobe PDF® Conversions
  • XML
  • and more

Vital Records Backup through Digital Document Imaging

Suprisingly, space reduction and speed of document retrieval are usually secondary to scanning for Disaster Recovery. A single copy of a paper file can be lost for many reasons, not just fire or misfiling.

Important documents should be frequently backed up, a normal procedure for imaged files on a network.

Our website contains multiple examples of  documents lost due to fires, not all of which were attributable to accidental cause.