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Document Capture

Electronic Data Capture

Automating the data capture process is invariably preferable to manual keying, though not always possible.

microMEDIA Electronic Data Capture Services Include:

Forms Processing

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning

Encoded Fonts/Barcodes

Manual Keying Data Capture

Document Capture covers a wide-range of applications and approaches. At its most basic is the computer manual keying of characters. But even here, there are many alternatives:

  • Free-form manual keying data entry into MS Word, text, etc.
  • Structured manual keying data entry into forms, MS Excel
  • Computer data validation accepting only valid codes and ranges
  • Visual comparison of the original to the input by a different person
  • Duplicate manual keying data entry by a different person with computer verification

Quality Control

The emphasis on verification is because even the best data manual keying data entry operators have an error rate of 2-4%. If a project has 5,000 pages averaging 300 characters each (1.5 million characters), there could be 30-60,000 errors. We can live with miskeys in a Smart Phone text message, but if the need is to locate a digital record, much higher accuracy is mandatory.

The reason human verification should not be done by the same individual that initially entered the information is that it is unlikely that a different person would make precisely the same error as the first.

Scanning and creating digital images from the input media allows for the use of offshore data entry since transmission of the electronic images to vendors anywhere in the world is almost instantaneous. Quality and confidentiality is equivalent to domestic. While this is a lower cost approach because of labor rates, the decision to key in the U.S. or offshore must depend upon a case-by-case evaluation.

Electronic Document Capture vs. Manual Keying

Why use manual keying when electronic data capture exists? There are two main reasons to use electronic data capture:

  • Current technology doesn’t allow for good recognition of cursive handwriting
  • The size of the project doesn’t justify setting up automatic methods.

microMEDIA has been providing all of the various methods of electronic data capture for many years. We specialize in any size project -Large and Small, and can customize your electronic data capture projects at your facility or at our site.

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