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About Us – Our History


The origins of document conversion services company microMEDIA extend back to 1939 when a small typewriter repair company was established in Long Island. It was named LOCAL Business Products. The company sold electric typewriters and office machines. In 1975 a subsidiary was incorporated to offer digital document imaging services under the name microMEDIA. It serviced the rapidly growing Long Island market in the Defense Industry, Publishing, Cosmetics and Banking.  The film that we produced could now be digitized.

The current ownership acquired microMEDIA in 1980 and extended the sales area into Manhattan, New Jersey and Connecticut. Major brokerage firms, insurance companies and pharmaceutical houses became clients. Computer assisted retrieval systems were sold to enhance microfilm retrieval. Index files were put on computer databases, speeding the retrieval of documents from microfilm.

In 1982, the company began high-volume data capture offshore.  Original documents have never been sent, only micrographic copies or digital images.  We have taken advantage of the cost savings offshore expanding our member countries to the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, The Philippines, China and India.

In 2014, microMEDIA combined operations with Smooth Solutions in Lodi, New Jersey.

Electronic Imaging

microMEDIA was one of the first document conversion services companies to embrace electronic document imaging. In 1987, the company began marketing electronic imaging systems and image conversion services. Conversions to Adobe PDF® began. We later decided to concentrate on conversion services and, more recently,  document hosting on the Cloud, both for backfile and day-forward needs.

Our conversion client base has now expanded on a national scale. We pride ourselves on being in the forefront using leading-edge technologies and communications media. Our high speed communication lines, multiple redundant Internet servers and direct client transmission supplement multiple websites.  We transmit electronic images off-shore on a daily basis and can  convert and index documents within hours of receipt.

Smooth Solutions

In 2014 microMEDIA combined operations with Smooth Solutions in Lodi, New Jersey.   Equipment and personnel from Lake Success, New York was moved to New Jersey.  As a result, infrastructure of both firms was significantly expanded.  We now have a wider inventory of scanners including additional capabilities that neither firm previously could offer.  Our document imaging  services are comprehensive.

Our services continue to be provided nationwide.  We recently completed projects for Idaho, Texas and Virginia, operating on a 3-shift 7-day staff.  Over half of our employees are working onsite at clients’ locations.

We are vendor independent and interface with almost every imaging software and hardware vendor.