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Digital Document Scanning Services

Document Imaging Services and documentDocument Scanning Services scanning services from microMEDIA include conversion of paper files, drawings, digitization of microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards plus migration of legacy media. We specialize in customized conversions to meet customer goals through scanning, electronic image capture and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

microMEDIA’s Custom Imaging Projects Include:

Our diverse digitizing and electronic scanning services have included commercial and governmental files, newspapers, magazines, film, blueprints, slides, books, fragile items, archiving…you name it! microMEDIA can help you move toward a paperless office consisting of easy to use electronic files.

Digitizing/Imaging Files at Your Location

For highly sensitive materials, mandatory requirements and security, microMEDIA provides on-site document scanning services at our clients’ locations. We assign a dedicated professional staff to each project, install the equipment and provide technicians (including on-site project management) to assure the document conversion is successful.

Nevertheless, document scanning services overall cost will typically be lower at our facility in New Jersey where turnaround would in all likelihood be faster.

Cloud-Based File Hosting

Our cloud web-based document management affords companies the ability to archive and process data on a real-time basis without incurring the expense of an in-house system. Secure access is provided to pre-authorized users from any location. We fully administer each cloud site for backup, software, hardware upgrades and security monitoring

microMEDIA = Document Scanning Services

No  scanning company can match our experience and state-of-the-art conversion solutions. Projects include multi-million dollar conversions, on-site options, experienced management and “on demand” information retrieval.

Additional services include conversions from:

  • Rare Books and Archival Material
  • Computer files / old imaging systems
  • Photos, slides and negatives

Our ability to deliver professional services to a wide variety of users including government, commercial, education, medical and non-profit sectors has proven itself successful for more than 35 years. Our markets include commercial, non-profit, litigation, medical, education and government.

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